Workers Compensation Physical Premium Auditor

Visual Insurance Solutions
Entire State of Idaho & South Dakota

We are looking for EXPERIENCED Workers Compensation Auditors that live in the state of Idaho & South Dakota and are willing to travel to handle Physical Workers Compensation Audits.  The ideal candidate should have 3+ years experience in handling W/C audits,  reliable transportation, computer with Microsoft Excel along with access to the internet.  

All work is retrieved and handled through our website.  Our pay is $70 an hour.   Included in the $70 an hour is: Time Scheduling the appointment, face to face with the insured and time spent writing up the report.  Time driving to the appointment is not included.  On average, our billing to the insurance company is 1.25 Hours per audit.  These are fairly simple audits with 1 or 2 class codes.  

We are looking for statewide representation so we have 3-4 open positions based on territories in each state.  You are an independent contractor and make your own schedule.  Just need to meet the required audit deadlines.

If you are interested please email your resume and coverage area to  Or call 501.269.6855.  

Visual Insurance Solutions is a leader in the National Insurance Premium Audit industry. We have a group of independent professional premium auditors performing physical and phone audits to customers insured by leading industry companies.